If you are planning a group tour of the museum and cultural center, let FIKA enhance your visit with several dining options:

Fika is a social institution in Sweden; it means having a break - most often a coffee break. You can fika at work by taking a coffee break, fika with someone as in a "coffee date," or just drink a cup of coffee. At ASI you will enjoy one of our house made pastries and a delicious cup of Tiny Footprint coffee. The suggested time to take a fika is 30 minutes. $9 per person

Ever wonder what your doppelganger in Sweden eats for lunch? Well this is your chance to find out with this contemporary Swedish lunch option. Incudes your choice of salmon, beef or vegetable smörgås (open-face sandwiches), a homemade soup or salad depending on the season, and drink of choice. Suggested time for Smörgås is 1 hour. $18 per person (15-60 people)

New Nordic Smörgåsbord
ASI's own FIKA café offers seasonally-inspired menus dedicated to regional ingredients and Nordic traditions. With the New Nordic Smörgåsbord your group will enjoy a meal that features an array of delicious foods that include classic and modern dishes like cucumber salad, Swedish meatballs, and smörgås (open-face sandwiches). The New Nordic Smörgåsbord also includes drink of choice and a dessert. Drinks include: bottled water, soda, coffee, iced tea, and hot tea. Suggested time to enjoy a New Nordic Smörgåsbord is 1 hour.
$23 per person (20-60 people)

To discuss your group dining options, please call Maggie McKenney at
612-524-5105 or email her mmckenney@ciemail.com.